Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An All-Around Good Day

So today was a good day overall.....i went job hunting this morning which was futile so i ended on the couch listenin to Gucci forreal....went over my bestfriend house...her life could be a soap opera:
Dog named A-100 short of payment-Guy threatens to do bodily harm.
Next door neighbor-One Night Stand-Possible Restraining Order
I broke my THC-free steak[lasted 8 days]...felt good to get lifted again forreal[i'ma pothead]
I am devising a plan that will solve my financial woes and get me back to school by hopefully June...i dont want to spend the summer in Bmore forreal..i hope my plans works.

Random Thoughts:
"If its ugly, then it must be right."
This is the philosphy that i am goin to follow for all of my clothin purchases for the rest of my life. When i say ugly I'm not talking about the literal definiton..ugly is different. I am tired of everyone in general buying the same clothes and looking the same forreal...niggas need to branch out and find their own creative style...I havent put my philosphy to use since i havent been able
to do real damage at the mall[once again, its a RECESSION!!!] but when i do the world will see.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hold Up....Bring That Shit Back!

So I jumped into this blog shit without properly introducing myself....so here goes nothing:

Name: Troy

City: Baltimore City, MD

School: Frostburg State University

Major: Biochemistry wit a minor in History

Interests: Gettin Lifted , Fashion , Movies[good&bad] , Technology , Blogging[obviously], and just chillin forreal

Aspirations : To move to a new city sometime soon .. Baltimore is too small.. i'm thinkin LA , Chicago, or back to ATL [@ a little known place called Morehouse College]

Rookies of 09(To Me)

Kid Cudi

A pothead rapper? Finally, somebody i can relate to lol [but seriously]!!. Kid Cudi is one of the brand new faces to hit the airwaves and i fucks wit him [no homo]. Signed to Kanye's GOOD label, this Cleveland-based rapper is makin a name for himself wit alot of his songs. My favs: "Day&Nite"[of course], "Maui Wowie"[makes me think about Hawaii for my spring break destination for next year], and the list goes on....i might actually download his whole cd[What? its a recession!!!]....Hope this guy stays around for awhile [even if he doesnt. i'll still be up on his underground shit]

The Cool Kidz

So The Cool Kidz been around for a little bit but i'm just gettin used to them. The rap duo made up of "Mikey Rocks" and "Chuck Inglish" are Chicago and Detroit [respectively] based rappers who bring a new outlook on the hip-hop perspective....check out their cd " When Fish Ride Bicycles".....[drops mic]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Makes Me Want to Pay Off My T-Mobile Bill LMAO


So according to pcworld.com, T-mobile is about to unveil it Android g-2 phone...the sequel to its g-1. the g-2 no longer has a QWERTY keyboard like its predecessor and contains the same keypad as the iPhone[why is every phone tryin to measure up to the iPhone?] It contains a 3.2 megapixel camera and a touchscreen interface like its predecessor....its scheduled to come out mid-May of this year....get ur money up nigg!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Out #2


So my niece is only 4 years old and i can tell she goin to be a "fashionista" when she grow up. She loves to wear everything in her closet and she puts her outfits together better than sum girls i know! I wouldnt be surprised if she has own clothing line or be ripping the runway[corny i know lol] when she grow up! Watch out world for Taniyah Monae White(4)!!

Lames Goin To Cop Them But Dope Boys Goin Freak The Shit Outta These


So u prolly seen this mentioned in like every person blog soooo in order not to be different[lol] i have to advertise these my nigga Kanye....the Air Yeezy's scheduled to drop in stores sumtime in April...get them while u can!!![ i wonder if these are goin to allow Baltimore ppl to give their dopes a rest...........................................................NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something Random

Chester French- "She Loves Everybody"

True Life: I'm A College Dropout?

So i been outta school for 3 semesters and counting...idk when i'll be back in the books at this point in time...i just keep chanting my fav. saying "Everything happens for a reason." but idk how much of this tedium i can put up with....i need intellectual stimulation!!! [sigh]...maybe this fall someone will forgive my bad decision making of the past and let a poor black man get back to his studies...who knows? :(

Monday, March 9, 2009

To Hip-Hop and Beyond!!!!!


Okay...coming from a city[Baltimore] where underground hardcore rappers such as Gucci , Three 6, and Yo Gotti reign supreme it took me awhile to finally come to understand the genius that is Kanye West...i was once turned off by his arrogance but now i see what he does and say is for a reason. This man is prolly one of a handful true hip-hop visionaries that is still in the game!( love or hate him but Wayne is on that list too!!)...he using his creative genius to expand what we think of as hip-hop....maybe sum people still want to do the baggy jeans, big t-shirts, and air force ones *cough [Atlanta] cough* culture but Kanye is single-handedly keeping me from switching over to listening to only rock/alternative music....give me 808's and Heartbreak and Graduation any day and i'll be content in the ears!

Time Out # 1


Troy(21) and Montrell(2)....."When We Hit The Mall....It's A PhotoShoot"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Even Trappin Aint Recession-Proof

Jeezy's Circulate[The Recession-2008] might best articulate the recession seen from a hustler's point of view. Hope this recession is almost over cuz a nigga need a job! (and if a drug dealer cant make ends meet, where is the hope for the rest of us?)

Young Jeezy - Circulate - DJELmuzik.imeem.com