Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year of the Indie Rapper

2010 was actually a decent year for music. Wit Atlanta still controlling the rap game and makin hits for the club rats to party to, alot of new and up coming rappers forged a name and expanded their audience to include the non-hipsters.


Former roster member of Cash Money & No Limit, Curren$y made a name for himself this year gettin heavy rotation on MTV and headlining the Smoker's Only TOur wit Big K.R.I.T, DZA, and Nesby Phipps..One of the better lyricist [in my opinion] Spitta continues to put out mixtapes and CDs in rapid succession...Make sure to check out Smokee RObinson, 24 Hour Flight School by Ski Beats ( which features Tabi Bonney), Pilot Talk 1 & 2...u guaranteed to join the JET LIFE fandom ...

Pittsburgh native Wiz made a dent in pop(& pot) culture when he released one of the best mixtapes of the year, Kush & OJ...Yet to release his debut album but he u never know he never had a major LP out yet...his fan base is strong...lets see wat the future have to hold from da head of da TAYLOR GANG

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Back.....

Wasup readers back but u didnt know that...well im back on my fully baked shit and im goin to be blogging every day ( if i remember ) on it

....stAy TuNeD!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


... While im waitin for my fav. artist (KID CUDI) to drop sum new sessions these day is soundtracked by Curren$y( yo that used to be wit Wayne) ...i suggest u check out sum of his mixtapes...u cant go wrong wit SMOKEE ROBINSON, FIN, & FEAR & LOATHING in NEW ORLEANS #dope

....shit straight out of a movie

... Aight Im not a well-traveled dude to be honest. I have been blessed to lay my head in the great cities of Baltimore (hometown), ATL, and Frostburg, MD. Recently i had the opportunity(& $$$)to go to NYC to parlay and agenda just off the random...on the day of my trip (5/19)...i woke up and shit was clicking...i packed my overnight bag, went to my job @ BWI, got my check, went downtown in BMore and cashed it. I stopped in Urban Outfitters and grabbed this hoodie I had my eye on...rolled to Houlihan's in da harbor and indulged in sum hot wings & a beer (the hotwings sucked btw. haha)...i met up wit my best friend and one of my closest homegirls from hs and we went to my homegirl apt(she recently moved)..we had a quick session before we had to rush to the bus stop...i got there a lil early...i was headed to NYC (the only other time i been was 7th grade smh)

... if I knew wat my night would entail i woulda caught a couple of hours of shuteye but Pandora and pointless tweets ensued smh...twitter actually was useful cuz soon as i caught a glimpse of the NYC skyline i noticed on twitter that Tabi Bonney(DC Artist) tweeted that him and Curren$y would be givin a show in Tribeca that nite...i HAD to GO (it was the reason for the NYC trip originally; was canceled)..well i hit Tabi up on twitter and told me the show was starting @ was 7 when i hooked upw it my homie Cat in Manhattan...I took in the sites while my homie screamed at tourists for walkin too slow and almost gettin hit by cars smh...we pondered on where to eat and finally landed on BBQs....i had a big dumb ass pineapple Ciroc drink (even tho its had me shitfaced in the past...only live once right? haha) and sum BBQ honey wings...shits was good...after dinner we rolled down to Fulton Ave. to meet up wit my homie SOUR DIESEL connect( no NYC trip aint complete w/o it haha)...all this time im lugging around my overnight bag so we decided to head to the place where i was suppose to stay that nite to chief and juice up our phones but the hotel was shutdown by police cuz when we got there the shit was padlocked we said fuck it lets just head downtown to the concert...after a few wrong turns(before we were chiefed up) we finally was able to roll up n get down to Tribeca (where the party was at)...we arrived to see a lil line...we go up and then shit go a lil weird...sum drunk girl at the door was being semi-petty but me and my homie Cat turned on our stoner charm and was able to gain entrance to the party...we go in to see a loft full of hipsters standing around(wit the smell of sour filling the air but nobody was smoking?)...after scoping the scene me and Cat ended up in the pinp pong room charging our phones(random, right? haha)..while playing the most amateur ienbriated game of ping pong sum random ass dude started to rap to my homie Cat but she was on her best NY bullshit haha...after 15 min. of friendly banter yo finally showed his tru colors and told us he was a performer and he had sum song on Madden ( note to yall: Who is Izza Kizza?!?!?!)..well to move past that..yo told us the concert was goin on in the basement...niggas grabbed our stuff and rolled to the basement...the weed stench got stronger & the temp. went up 20 already was hot as a whore in a back room Curren$y was performin his set wit a live band wit bout 50 ppl in da crowd #dope...we was informed that the house we was in was Dame Dash shit...#exclusive...Curren$y performed a dope ass set (even tho Cat pointed out he was short &looked like Grouch off of Sesame Street...y do girls think about this type of stuff? haha)...we rolled up the sour and added to cloudiness of the dark sweaty room...shit was real the end of the show Curren$y dapped up everybody and me and Cat dipped at about 2 am...I was suppose to stay the next day and link up wit my homie Shatera but every hotel was booked up (on a fuckin WED. wtf?!?!)...i proceeded to Penn Station and hopped the 3am train back to Baltimore...arrivin at 6am trip to NY = #success...this shit reminded me of the movie Nick & Norah Infinite Playlist haha...i wonder wat other random adventures ill get into this summer when i move back to ATL...stay tuned shor

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is There Any Other Way To Live?

> Be on the lookout for my homie Caesar ( or Philly Phil is wat i call that nigga) up and coming streetwear clothing line soon to be empire City of Savages : Live Free or Die. I met the homie Caesar during our matriculation at the HBCU known as Morehouse College...back then he was just my neighbor from the shitty city of Philly (Baltimore all day- inside joke) haha but now he the founder and CEO of his own ridiculously innovative clothing line...i see big things in the future for this dude...follow him on #twitter @caesarthasavage or @cityofsavages ...his blog is it out and cop sum exclusive shit

Been Gone For A Min........

3-1-2010 ... I been gone for awhile but I been missing the passion for life...hopefully this will revive me ^_^

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Asher Roth Gettin HIGH wit HIGH Times

One CD that i have had on repeat for the last couple of days is "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" by Asher Roth... at first i thought he was another gimmick rapper and would have one hit and disappear but actually a good ass he's a pothead so he's alright in my book!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back in the Day Shit..........Wu Tang

Wu-Tang -- "Can It All Be So Simple"

when hip hop was still relevant....perfect smokin music forreal

Wu Tang Clan Can It Be All So Simple.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Supras Releasing the TK Pro Models


I feel as tho that I am ignoring my materialistic side on my blog so now i must indulge the one part of me that keeps me shit [lol]
My first post about fashion is the new TK Pro Model that Supra is releasing...they tough as shit and ill def. try to get my hands on a pair of these this summer...i'm thinkin the black and purple ones....
most fly shit i'm diggin to come!.....................................................................

[P.s .... TK is Terry Kennedy or "Compton Ass Terry" off of Viva La Bam lls]