Monday, March 1, 2010

Is There Any Other Way To Live?

> Be on the lookout for my homie Caesar ( or Philly Phil is wat i call that nigga) up and coming streetwear clothing line soon to be empire City of Savages : Live Free or Die. I met the homie Caesar during our matriculation at the HBCU known as Morehouse College...back then he was just my neighbor from the shitty city of Philly (Baltimore all day- inside joke) haha but now he the founder and CEO of his own ridiculously innovative clothing line...i see big things in the future for this dude...follow him on #twitter @caesarthasavage or @cityofsavages ...his blog is it out and cop sum exclusive shit

Been Gone For A Min........

3-1-2010 ... I been gone for awhile but I been missing the passion for life...hopefully this will revive me ^_^