Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hold Up....Bring That Shit Back!

So I jumped into this blog shit without properly introducing here goes nothing:

Name: Troy

City: Baltimore City, MD

School: Frostburg State University

Major: Biochemistry wit a minor in History

Interests: Gettin Lifted , Fashion , Movies[good&bad] , Technology , Blogging[obviously], and just chillin forreal

Aspirations : To move to a new city sometime soon .. Baltimore is too small.. i'm thinkin LA , Chicago, or back to ATL [@ a little known place called Morehouse College]

Rookies of 09(To Me)

Kid Cudi

A pothead rapper? Finally, somebody i can relate to lol [but seriously]!!. Kid Cudi is one of the brand new faces to hit the airwaves and i fucks wit him [no homo]. Signed to Kanye's GOOD label, this Cleveland-based rapper is makin a name for himself wit alot of his songs. My favs: "Day&Nite"[of course], "Maui Wowie"[makes me think about Hawaii for my spring break destination for next year], and the list goes on....i might actually download his whole cd[What? its a recession!!!]....Hope this guy stays around for awhile [even if he doesnt. i'll still be up on his underground shit]

The Cool Kidz

So The Cool Kidz been around for a little bit but i'm just gettin used to them. The rap duo made up of "Mikey Rocks" and "Chuck Inglish" are Chicago and Detroit [respectively] based rappers who bring a new outlook on the hip-hop perspective....check out their cd " When Fish Ride Bicycles".....[drops mic]