Friday, April 3, 2009

Short Hiatus huh? THC free streak is over like shit. I finally linked up wit my girl Mary Jane last nite and we made sweet love, watched sum movies, smashed sum much needed snacks, and got to do some deep thinkin. I've basically been in a rut for the last year and a half forreal....all because i suffered sum major setbacks that could have been setups. Now i'm tired of being at my own pity party....time to get on my shit. I look at all my friends doin big shit wit their lives[even tho they sometimes dont realize it] and think i need to get back to that point in my life where i was carefree but still on my intellectual journey. So by the end of this year, I vow to be be at school[Frostburg State], have my own apt, a legit phone[blackberrystorm mayb?], and trying to the fly young man that i am suppose to be....Right now, I am 21 years of age and not alot of prospects so now I must make a change in my life. In a few weeks, i'm moving back to ATL....job prospect[wat? its a recession] if that dont pan out then i'ma make moves down there...i think a change of environment is needed for my growth....i cant seem to evolve in Bmore