Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An All-Around Good Day

So today was a good day overall.....i went job hunting this morning which was futile so i ended on the couch listenin to Gucci forreal....went over my bestfriend house...her life could be a soap opera:
Dog named A-100 short of payment-Guy threatens to do bodily harm.
Next door neighbor-One Night Stand-Possible Restraining Order
I broke my THC-free steak[lasted 8 days]...felt good to get lifted again forreal[i'ma pothead]
I am devising a plan that will solve my financial woes and get me back to school by hopefully June...i dont want to spend the summer in Bmore forreal..i hope my plans works.

Random Thoughts:
"If its ugly, then it must be right."
This is the philosphy that i am goin to follow for all of my clothin purchases for the rest of my life. When i say ugly I'm not talking about the literal definiton..ugly is different. I am tired of everyone in general buying the same clothes and looking the same forreal...niggas need to branch out and find their own creative style...I havent put my philosphy to use since i havent been able
to do real damage at the mall[once again, its a RECESSION!!!] but when i do the world will see.

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