Monday, March 9, 2009

To Hip-Hop and Beyond!!!!!


Okay...coming from a city[Baltimore] where underground hardcore rappers such as Gucci , Three 6, and Yo Gotti reign supreme it took me awhile to finally come to understand the genius that is Kanye West...i was once turned off by his arrogance but now i see what he does and say is for a reason. This man is prolly one of a handful true hip-hop visionaries that is still in the game!( love or hate him but Wayne is on that list too!!)...he using his creative genius to expand what we think of as hip-hop....maybe sum people still want to do the baggy jeans, big t-shirts, and air force ones *cough [Atlanta] cough* culture but Kanye is single-handedly keeping me from switching over to listening to only rock/alternative music....give me 808's and Heartbreak and Graduation any day and i'll be content in the ears!

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